accurate and actionable
community reporting of cannabis activities.

Community Research

Enabling concerned citizens, cannabis industry professionals, law enforcement, and state regulators with the power of data to gain real world insights.


Our expert panel includes backgrounds in market research, criminal investigations, background screening, cannabis growers, law enforcement, venture capital, and community development.


Reported actions are integrated into our massive dataset utilizing best-in-class machine learning, data visualization, and expert research to improve the health of the community.

5 Core Community Benefits

By being involved with the process and enabling our community members, we can all be part of the solution.

Community Focus

Our Communities. Our Families. Our Businesses.

There are a lot of details that still need to be worked out to safely integrate at the neighborhood, city, state and federal level.

Reporting items into allows underlying issues at the local level to have scalable and safe trends.

Violations cover a range of fluid issues

While local law enforcement and state labor departments may send enforcement officers or regulators, we look at the data and ask bigger questions to bubble up good ideas:

  • How can the community fix problems without government involvement?
  • Who needs this information to make better decisions?
  • What trends are occurring in different cities?
  • What communities are being impacted?

Public Impact, Confidential and Anonymous

Any situations you report are entirely under your control. Our forms provide simple and clear instructions if you would like to be publicized or remain anonymous.

We also ask you to tell us what action or solution you’d like to see to remedy the issue.

Expert Community Leaders

Our organization has relationships touching into all aspects of the Cannabis industry.

This ranges from law enforcement, retail shop owners, grow operators, and dozens of industries that service both sides of the pro/con debates.

Actionable Data & Analysis

By being involved with our data, we give millions of community members a data driven platform and a powerful new voice.

The benefit of advanced data science, machine learning, and expert analysis bundled with best-in-class report visualizations to help the people who matter understand how the Cannabis industry is affecting our local, state and federal communities for better or worse.

About is a platform powered by

Our ‘community first’ focus allows us to solve complex problems rooted in the legalization of Cannabis. We are an impartial data and market research group that believes accurate data enhanced with thoughtful expert analysis will establish the foundation of a scalable and healthy eco-system.

Data We Integrate

Our core database includes billions of unique entities such as:

  • 100,000+ Public schools
  • 7,000+ Public hospitals
  • 9,000+ Universities & Colleges
  • 100,000+ Bars & Restaurants
  • 12,000+ State & Federal Law Enforcement Groups

We are continually adding to our master list.

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